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Tyner Sophomore Collapses During Basketball Game, Passes Away

16-year-old Tyner Academy Sophomore Javon Craddock passed away in Tyner, Tenn. last Wednesday while playing basketball at the Boys and Girls Club.

He stopped playing to ask for a drink of water when he suddenly collapsed. A Chattanooga Police Department spokesperson confirmed that Craddock was taken to Parkridge hospital via ambulance. He passed away shortly after.

Craddock hadn’t shown any signs or symptoms of distress, injury, or known health conditions prior to the game last Wednesday. His sudden passing has been met with much grief and sadness from the entire Tyner community and an outpouring of support has erupted on social media from classmates, teammates, and friends.

Considering the first symptom of Sudden Cardiac Arrest is often death, it’s critical that heart screenings become part of well-child and pre-participation physical examinations for student athletes. When studies show that one in 300 youth has an identified heart condition that puts them at risk, anything less will perpetuate the needless loss of young life.

Many people have posted tribute photos and video clips of Craddock on the court or just goofing around with friends. Showcasing his vibrant personality and ability to light up a room.

On Monday night the Tyner Rams celebrated the life of Javon Craddock with a memorial at Tyner Academy. More than 100 attendees made it clear that his absence will be felt. The service was held in Craddock’s favorite place. The high school gym.


RIP Javon.

Tyner Sophomore Collapses During Basketball Game, Passes Away
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