Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Awareness Month

Champion Prevention in Your Community

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The biggest misconception about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is that it won’t happen to your child. You have no family history…your child has no symptoms…your doctor has not indicated any issues…your school or sports program has not prioritized preparedness for a cardiac emergency.

There is a dangerously low awareness of the true incidence of SCA among youth. Take this month to engage with one of our programs to protect young hearts in your family and community.


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Take the Prevention Promise

Count yourself in to our national movement to protect young hearts, and share our free resources! More

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Get a Heart Screening

Understand new guidelines for screening every youth to find the 1 in 300 at risk for SCA. More

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Be sure your child’s heart is ready to play by following this post-COVID protocol. More

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Take Our Videos Viral

Share with your community so kids’ hearts are protected where they live, learn and play. More


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Get CPR Certified at Home

Get a discount on 100% remote, 2-year certification in CPR, AED & First Aid and support our mission! More

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Call Push Shock

Remember these three life-saving steps to increase the SCA survival rate beyond 10%. More

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Keep Kids’ Hearts in the Game

Take our free SCA prevention training to combat the #1 killer of student athletes. More

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Get A Smart Heart

Bring this learning module to your classroom or youth program to empower the next generation to save a life. More