Through its state-by-state network, Parent Heart Watch encourages its members to affect public policy at local and state levels so that communities take action and protect children from the devastating effects of SCA.

From legislation by state that mandates that coaches be educated and empowered to recognize potential warnings of a heart condition that could lead to sudden cardiac arrest; to laws that mandate use of cardiac questionnaires in youth health care; to state AED laws that detail regulatory and legal compliance of AED programs, AED response plans that meet state requirements, medical director and oversight for AEDs and Good Samaritan laws that protect bystanders who follow the cardiac chain of survival to assist sudden cardiac arrest victims as emergency responders are en route, it is vital that we are aware of the laws, pending legislation and gaps in sudden cardiac arrest prevention that govern our community.

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For a detailed outline on all state AED laws, view the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Parent Heart Watch keeps data on current and pending legislation regarding AEDs in School, Electrocardiogram Testing for Students, required SCA Prevention Training in Youth Sports, and an overall watchlist of CPR, AED, Cardiac Screening and SCA prevention laws by state.

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