image AHASCAReport2022 1000x873 - Incidence of SCA in Youth

The precise incidence of SCA in youth is presently unknown due to the lack of a mandatory and systematic national registry of SCA/SCD in youth. Parent Heart Watch strongly advocates for the establishment of such a registry to provide more accurate data that will motivate new research and strategies that will lead to SCA and SCD prevention. Our efforts were instrumental in the establishment of the Sudden Death in the Young Registry—the first federal effort to document and evaluate SCA in youth.
While AHA Heart & Stroke Reports are generated annually, it’s obvious a commitment to a realistic estimate of SCA in youth was abandoned, as evidenced by the exact same total being reported for five years running.
In contrast, a 2020 study that tapped pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest data from the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) estimates there are over 23,000 youth under 18 years old stricken annually in the U.S.