Parent Heart Watch advocates for SCA prevention in youth among numerous organizations in education, sports and medical communities. We have a voice at national and international conferences and in working groups and we drive collaborations to change the paradigm of youth lost to SCA.



American Academy of Pediatrics

We collaborate on a number of initiatives to create a more robust action plan to incorporate SCA prevention into primary care practice. Goals include developing resources and policy initiatives that support primary and secondary prevention standards.


Cardiac Safety Research Consortium

We are a liaison and key collaborative partner for a pilot project to establish a national SCA data warehouse that unifies consistent heart screening data collection as a means to effective analysis of outcomes. Project participants include PHW members committed to advancing research to support the efficacy of standardized youth heart screenings.


National Association of School Nurses

School nurses are on the front lines of student health so our partnership helps prepare them to respond to a cardiac emergency.

Youth Sports Safety Alliance - COLLABORATIONS

National Athletic Trainers' Association Youth Sports Safety Alliance

An inter-association coalition that recently published a consensus statement is in sync with PHW's Prevention Promise to arm youth sports with cardiac emergency action plans, AEDs and return-to-participation protocol for young athletes who exhibit warning signs of a potential heart condition.


National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Collaborative

Born of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that national organizations work together to improve the SCA survival rate, PHW is part of the inaugural cohort and Messaging Working Group tasked with creating a universal call to action that will be the foundation of a national outreach campaign.

Sudden Death in the Young Registry

Parent Heart Watch was a catalyst for this pilot collaboration between the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to establish the Sudden Death in the Young Registry—the first federal effort to document and evaluate SCA in youth. PHW is one of only 11 members on its national advisory committee.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation



The National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention

As a member of the national advisory committee, our role is to support the Center in its mission:

  • Provide expertise to center staff and review teams in different areas of child health, safety and protection, including development of local and state recommendations.
  • Review state and local CDR findings and recommendations and create national level recommendations for policy, programs and practices to improve child health, safety and protection.
  • Maximize national partnerships for child death review and prevention
  • Create opportunities to connect member organizations to CDR programs to help build the capacity of CDR to meets mutual goals.  Connections may include participation on CDR teams, using CDR findings to support organizational agendas, and using organizational resources to support CDR prevention activities.
  • Expand the capacity of the National Center
  • Provide guidance for improving Center resources, products and services.
  • Provide guidance in the development of evaluation strategies for successful CDR programs and for a program evaluation of the National Center.
  • Advocate for improvements in the capacity of CDR findings to drive prevention agendas. Build sustainability for Child Death Review
  • Provide guidance for strategies to sustain child death review at local, state and national levels.

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