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Making Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Part of Your Practice

Free, Accredited, On-Demand Training for Primary Care Practitioners

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Studies show cardiac consideration is an often overlooked area of assessment for youth and student athletes alike, with practitioners and parents largely unfamiliar with warning signs and risk factors that require follow up. As new guidelines recommend youth who’ve had COVID-19 exposure, symptoms or a diagnosis to get a comprehensive cardiac evaluation, now more than ever it’s critical to incorporate evidence-based diagnostic protocol into your practice. Join this in-depth discussion to make sure you’re prepared.

Course outline:

  • Incidence, Mortality, Disparities, Etiology
  • Prevention
    • Recognition of warning signs and symptoms
    • Tools and processes to assess risk
    • Family history solicitation
    • Physical exam
    • Diagnostic follow up
    • Screening and follow up with family members after SCD
  • Screening and follow up with family members after SCD
  • Championing prevention
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