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Join The Campaign to Unstick AEDs

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are the primary life-saving tool for a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim and were intentionally designed for the public to use, although they are only deployed in ~3% of cardiac emergencies. That’s because people think they’re not allowed to use them due to stickers that say TRAINED RESPONDER ONLY. These stickers are fatal deterrents that contribute to the low 10% survival rate for SCA victims.



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TRAINED RESPONDER ONLY stickers are not legally mandated, especially in light of state and national Good Samaritan laws that protect bystanders who try to help a victim. Given survival decreases by 10% each minute that emergency intervention is delayed, and average arrival for EMS is six to 12 minutes after 911 is called, everyone must feel empowered to use the nearest AED.

We urge you to check your local AEDs to be sure they are fully accessible to the public.




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How Can You Help?

If you find a stickered AED, download the AED Sticker Removal Letter to personalize and send to the organization that manages the facility. You can also include this flyer that details how an accessible AED can literally mean the difference between life and death.

You can share our Ready, Set, Rescue! video as well to underscore how AEDs should be correctly installed, maintained and noticed to the community.



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Pass It On!

You can also post on social media to show when stickers are or are not present to encourage your family, friends and colleagues to take part in the #NoStickerForLife campaign to help protect more hearts in their community.

Download the Social Media Guide and get to work finding your AEDs and let us know if they are stuck or unstuck!