PaperTexture - Mustang firefighters honored for saving teen’s life after cardiac arrest

Mustang firefighters honored for saving teen’s life after cardiac arrest

MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – Firefighters are often known for their big coats, heavy water hoses, and bravery for saving people from burning buildings.

However, they also perform a different kind of life saving work.

“You know, first day back in the weight room, training after Thanksgiving break. It was our typical 7 a.m. morning workout. We were doing our transitions, usually consists of 30 seconds at each station for three rounds, and that’s when things kind of went downhill after our third round,” said Mustang Athletic Coach Aron Miller.

Thanks to fast-thinking coaches and Mustang firefighters, Doyle survived.

“I was able to get close to two rounds of CPR. It’s a good thing we called when we did, because the next thing you know, the fire department walks in, and they took over,” said Miller.

“We ended up defibrillating his heart and he got a pulse back shortly after. If CPR wouldn’t have been started, it probably wouldn’t have been the same outcome,” said Firefighter Levi Setliff.

Mustang firefighters are intensely trained to deal with situations like Doyle’s.

“Being trained, putting in the time, the work ahead of time. When actions and stuff like this are called on, to be able to go right in there and go to work, it’s a big deal, and I am very, very proud of them,” said Mustang Fire Chief Craig Carruth.

Without the quick response and teamwork of his coaches and the Mustang Fire Department, this story could have had a very different outcome.

“Hats off to the coaching staff there. Without their quick response, putting things in action and notifying us, we wouldn’t be there as quickly as we were,” said Carruth.

Doyle’s mom says she couldn’t be more thankful for his coaches and the Mustang Fire Department saving her son’s life.

“Thank you. I can’t say it enough. They’re the reason Connor’s here today and God blessed us all with all of them,” said Lesha Doyle.

Connor, his family, and the entire baseball team and coaching staff gathered with Quail Creek Bank to recognize the Mustang Fire Department for helping Connor when he needed it the most.

“Chief Carruth and the Mustang Fire Department, KFOR and Quail Creek Bank are so honored to recognize your recent heroic efforts in saving Connor’s life. What an honor to recognize you, and we thank you for your service,” said Erin Batey, Chief Communications & Innovations Officer for Quail Creek Bank.

Mustang firefighters are quick to respond and always proud to serve.

“They saved my life,” said Doyle.

The Mustang Fire Department is donating the $500 they received from Quail Creek Bank to the Mustang High School Athletic Department so the coaches can get CPR certified.

If you know a first responder worthy of recognition, nominate them here.
Mustang firefighters honored for saving teen’s life after cardiac arrest
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