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Learn How You Can Save A Life During CPR/AED Awareness Week

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a national public health crisis. As the third leading cause of death in the U.S., affecting more than 356,0001 each year, including more than 7,0002 youth under age 18, the SCA survival rate has remained at about 10 percent for 30 years because we aren’t as prepared as we should be to help save lives.

Since 7 in 10 sudden cardiac arrests occur at home, being prepared means you could save the life of someone you love.

A medical emergency can be confusing and frightening, which can delay getting help to the victim. It is vital for each of us to decide now to be prepared so we can take immediate action when needed.

When a person suddenly collapses and is unresponsive, they are likely having a sudden cardiac arrest. While there may be several seconds of seizure-like activity or gasping, their heart has stopped and they are not breathing. Don’t spend time trying to wake them up—they won’t and your fast response is crucial.

You can triple a victim’s chance of survival when you #CallPushShock.
1. Call 911
Follow the emergency’s dispatcher’s instructions.

2. Start CPR
Push hard and fast in the center of the chest at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.

3. Use an AED
Follow the step-by-step audio/visual instructions and remember that an AED cannot hurt the person—it can only help.

Today only 1 in 10 survives Sudden Cardiac Arrest. But with immediate CPR and use of an AED, 5 in 10 victims could survive.

It’s a fact that CPR and AEDs can save lives. How can you help?
• Educate yourself to #CallPushShock
• Advocate for the importance of taking this immediate action
• Empower communities to provide CPR training and widespread access to AEDs

For free posters, videos, education tools and information about SCA, CPR and AEDs, visit the websites of these National Cardiac Arrest Collaborative prevention leaders.

Parent Heart Watch
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

1 Strategies to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival: A Time to Act or the Report Brief
2 Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics–-2018 Update: A Report From the American Heart Association (see Chapter 16)

Learn How You Can Save A Life During CPR/AED Awareness Week
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