Virtual CPR/AED &

First Aid Certification


Learn Life-Saving Skills from Home and Support Our Mission to Protect Young Hearts Across the Country

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Health & Safety Institute (HSI) and Parent Heart Watch (PHW) have partnered to offer HSI’s Remote Skills Verification (RSV) training technology for CPR, AED and First Aid to increase the SCA survival rate beyond 10%, where it has remained stagnant for three decades. Given over 356,000 people are lost each year to SCA, of which 23,000 are youth under age 18, there is a critical need to equip the public with basic skills that could triple a victim’s chance of survival.

Full 2-year certification
Interactive, remote, online learning
Hands-on skills training
Live instructors provide real-time feedback

How It Works

1. Create a free account with login credentials
Username and password to access online training portal

2. Select your course
• CPR/AED Training to Respond to Adult SCA Victims (1 to 1.5 hours) $100
• CPR/AED & First Aid Training to Respond to Adult Victims (3 hours ) $100
• CPR/AED Training to Respond to All Ages (2.5 to 3 hours) $105
• CPR/AED & First Aid Training to Respond to All Ages (3 to 3.5 hours) $105

3. Process payment online

At checkout process, enter the code below to get a 10% discount and support our vision to eliminate preventable deaths and disabilities from SCA in youth.

Enter Code: PHW1901 to benefit the Kyle J. Taylor Foundation

4. Complete the online learning program
This can be done at your pace from home or work.
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5.  Schedule your live, online hands-on skills verification with an instructor
You will receive an email from prompting you to schedule. (approximately 1 hour)

6. Receive your training manikin
HSI will ship a Preston Ultra Lite manikin and training supply kit in advance of the live, hands-on skills verification.

7. Return the manikin after the live training
Upon completion of your live remote skills verification, repackage the manikin and place the return label provided on the box (covering existing label). This package can be dropped off at any FedEx store or FedEx affiliated ship center in the U.S at no additional cost to you.

8. Download and print digital certification card
Once FedEx scans the return label you will receive an email from with a link to access your digital certification card.

Your Discount Is Donated to Save Lives!

A key pillar of our Vision 2030 is to empower the public to respond to a cardiac emergency. CPR alone can triple an SCA victim’s chance of survival, and using an AED within the first minute of collapse can increase survival as high as 90%!

When you get certified through this program, you not only receive a discounted rate for the course, that savings is donated to support our national movement to raise the standard of care. Your participation drives our initiatives to equip everyone to recognize and respond to sudden cardiac arrest, which is proven to save lives.

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What Is Remote Skills Verification?


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