PaperTexture - Greensboro athletic trainer recognized for saving a player's life

Greensboro athletic trainer recognized for saving a player’s life

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Here’s a story not about wins or losses but how a team trainer saved a player’s life.

As many teams battle it out in March Madness, UNC-Greensboro prepared for the College Basketball Invitational Friday. Athletic trainer Stephen Borchik is traveling with the team.

Borchik is courtside during games and practice to make sure the team stays healthy.

“In this profession, every day you’ve got to be potentially ready to save a life,” Borchik said.

Athletic trainers help players through various types of injuries but when Borchik saved a life in December, it was a first for him.

“I heard, ‘Hey Stephen something is wrong over here’ and I turned and he was out,” Borchik said.

A player collapsed after conditioning. His heart stopped and Borchik worked to revive him while waiting for EMS.

“I ended up needing to use an AED I ended up shocking him twice. EMS I believed it an additional two times. He became responsive,” Borchik said. “Before he was transported, was a phenomenal feeling I really can’t put it in words.”

Borchik is one of eight people in our state given the Lifesavers Award for his actions by the North Carolina Athletic Trainers Association

Katie Hanes-Romano of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist also got the award for administering CPR and an AED to an Atkins High School soccer player last spring.

That player, Pablo Hortal, spoke to us back in October when he and Ramano appeared at a Carolina Panthers game.

“I value the big things and I don’t worry about the little things and every day is a day that I’m lucky to have,” Hortal said.

The basketball player Borchik saved has not returned to games since but Borchik said he’s doing well.

“That’s one of the things that I’m gonna hold closest to my heart for the rest of my career and probably the rest of my life,” Borchik said. “Knowing that I’m still able to shoot him a text and give him a call and have those conversations and he is still with us.”

Borchik said he wants others to be prepared to help in medical emergencies. He suggests taking a CPR course.

Greensboro athletic trainer recognized for saving a player’s life
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