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By Taking the Prevention Promise, you’re agreeing we need better prevention policies and practices to protect young hearts, and you’re willing to champion this national movement in your home and community by using and sharing these free resources.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest just happens and there’s nothing you can to about it.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest IS preventable—but that doesn’t happen by chance.

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Heart Health History Assessment
Know your family heart history and ask your child about symptoms that could be warning signs of a heart condition.

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Engage in Prevention
Heart screenings for early detection of risk factors that may lead to SCA and being prepared for a cardiac emergency saves lives!

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Advocate In Your School
Champion widespread, accessible AEDs throughout campus, CPR/AED training for staff and students and Cardiac Emergency Response Plans.

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Review Cardiac Emergency Response Plan
Demand life-saving protocol at camps, sports and youth programs. That means AEDs where youth practice & play and SCA training for adults.

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Talk to Your Doctor
Make SCA prevention a standard part of wellcheckups and sports physicals. Discuss risk factors, warning signs and getting a heart screening