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CPR/AED Training & AED Placement

Parent Heart Watch members around the country facilitate CPR/AED training and/or automated external defibrillator (AED) placement. For more information on what’s offered in your area, please click on the name of the organization.


Or, consult these national websites for local training programs.
American Heart Association |  Emergency Care and Safety Institute |  American Red Cross  |  National Safety Council  |  Get Involved – Get An AEDHealth & Safety InstituteParent Heart Watch  |  ResusciTech

AEDs and PAD Programs - HeartSafe Wisconsin

Watch what people have to say once they learn how critical it is to use CPR and an AED on a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim. Learn more about Call Push Shock.

A collaboration with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

Young people prove that you’re never too young to learn to use an AED. In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates for life support training of childrenCourtesy of Nationwide Children’s and Project ADAM