PaperTexture - Classmates mourn Brown County student who died after suffering cardiac arrest

Classmates mourn Brown County student who died after suffering cardiac arrest

There is shock and sadness in Brown County after a high school student died of cardiac arrest Monday.Seventeen-year-old Blaze Jacobs was remembered by friends today as someone whose energy and spirit inspired others.

At the start of Monday’s school day, he went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.

Raven Woods, who grew up with him, recalled hearing the four words she dreaded.

“He didn’t make it. And me and my mom just burst into tears,” she told us. “I was, like, this is so unreal. He was 17 years old. How is this happening right now?”

You wouldn’t normally associate the High School Junior with the words “cardiac arrest.”

Woods and another friend, Kori Yost, said they were inspired by the way Jacobs spread positive vibes wherever he went.

“Not to start arguing with anybody, not to hate anybody. Just show love and peace,” Woods said of the way he presented himself.

Yost said Jacobs felt it important to always be alive in the moment.

“He was such a positive spirit,” she said.

Woods visited his family right after the tragic news was delivered.

“They just can’t believe it happened, you know. It’s just horrible. They’re staying strong, though,” she told us.

Western Brown was trying to do that, too.

In a message to parents, Superintendent Raegan White wrote, “Blaze was a very large part of our school community and one of WB’s biggest fans so we know this is going to be a struggle for everyone in our school family.”

Grief counselors were at the school Tuesday for comfort and support, helping students work through the loss.

Friends said going to school was something Jacobs looked forward to and cherished.

We’re told he loved the Bengals, was the Bronco’s number one fan every Friday night, and was looking forward to his Senior year, graduating, and crossing into adulthood.

Woods set up a GoFundMe account right after she dried her eyes.

She raised $10,000 in five hours for the family’s medical and funeral expenses.

By Tuesday evening, the account had grown to $12,725. To find the GoFundMe, click here.

“It really does open everybody’s eyes to like, wow, you know. Like, anything can happen. Just like that,” said Yost.

We’re told he wanted to play football, but a heart condition prevented that from happening.

“Eat, sleep, school,” Woods recalled. “That’s all it was. He loved school. And he would be at every single football game. Friday night, there in the student section, cheerin’ on. And then in the summer, he would love to be at the pool and his grandma’s house. Me and him would always go there.”

Classmates mourn Brown County student who died after suffering cardiac arrest
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