PaperTexture - Bill requiring AEDs in Ohio schools introduced

Bill requiring AEDs in Ohio schools introduced

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WXIX) -A bill requiring Ohio schools to have an automated external defibrillator, AED, was introduced through the House committee Monday.

House Bill 47 is a joint legislation by the House Health Provider Services and State Representatives Adam Bird (R-New Richmond) and Richard Brown (D-Canal Winchester).

By having an AED in the schools, a trained staff member will start resuscitation on the patient, which will increase the chances of survival while waiting for an EMS to arrive.

According to the Mayo Clinic, someone having Sudden Cardiac Arrest could be saved by an AED. The Mayo Clinic goes on to say that CPR after cardiac arrest can help keep the blood flowing to the heart and the brain for a certain period of time, but defibrillation can restore the heart’s rhythm.

By having an AED in Ohio schools, the chances of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest would decrease by 7 to 10% for every minute without immediate CPR or defibrillation, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA goes on to say that after 10 minutes of resuscitation, the chances of survival are very low.

“Each passing second is crucial when it comes to saving a life,” Bird said. “We are taking life-saving measures to help students and staff before first responders arrive by requiring schools to have AEDs in the building in case of an emergency.”

Bird said the bill is now headed to the House floor for further consideration.

Bill requiring AEDs in Ohio schools introduced
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