PaperTexture - Belmont Hill basketball player saves life with CPR during practice

Belmont Hill basketball player saves life with CPR during practice

BELMONT – Daniel Slatkavitz’s love for basketball and biology go hand-in-hand. The 18-year-old is a senior at Belmont Hill School in Belmont. Last spring his skills on the court were put to the test both athletically and academically.”I knew I had the skills to save a life and I was able to use them at the right time and place,” Slatkavitz said.Daniel is talking about the CPR training he received in his AP biology class. His teacher Ruth Sweeney decided to teach it to her students after their AP exam during free time. “I just thought what else can we do to make it more meaningful, and we added CPR,” Sweeney said.Daniel says it was last spring during basketball practice when another player collapsed on the court. Little did he know his lessons learned in the classroom would be put to the test and Daniel was determined to ace it. “I just started pumping the chest,” Daniel said.Daniel says he kept on giving chest compressions until first responders arrived.

Andover Police officer Dylan Ring was first to arrive. “His technique was great. He was really poised. That’s what really saved this kid’s life. He was someone that was able to step up in the moment. There was only one of me and you need two people to do some good CPR and get an AED on somebody, so it was really helpful to have somebody who actually knew what to do,” Ring said.

Daniel said the teen is doing much better today. “He was breathing by the time he was leaving the gym so that was big relief for everyone,” Daniel said.

Sweeney is extremely proud of her students who took time out to learn these life-saving skills. “I cried. Its impressive. We’ve all been trained. It’s different to know how to do it then to actually do, and I think that’s what blew me away,” Sweeney said.

The player is feeling better and back on the court. And he’s forever grateful for his teacher who taught a lesson he will never forget.

“If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to step in to do what I did. I am just thankful I was there. If you have the opportunity to learn CPR. It’s really simple and doesn’t take a lot of your time. It’s an essential skill. You never know when you have to use it. It could be one of your friends,” Daniel said.

Belmont Hill basketball player saves life with CPR during practice
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