PaperTexture - Anniversary Campaign–$15,000 Goal

Anniversary Campaign–$15,000 Goal

Be That Someone

Up to 23,000 youth are lost to sudden cardiac arrest annually. Will you be that someone who helps to prevent these needless deaths? Parent Heart Watch together with thousands of allies and advocates is working to protect young hearts by changing the standard of care.

  • Through significantly increased awareness of SCA in youth
  • Better cardiac risk assessment protocol at home and with medical providers
  • Making cardiac screening a part of preventative care
  • Empowering bystanders to Call Push Shock to save a life
  • Placing AEDs in schools to prevent the leading cause of death on campus
  • Training youth sports communities to recognize and respond to the #1 killer of athletes
  • Creating cultures of prevention where youth live, learn and play

We have come so very far. But as long as young people continue to die, we will continue our mission to protect young hearts. Won’t you join us?

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